Alpine air conditioning installation to close by the end of this year

Updated June 25, 2019 08:11:49 Alpine air conditioners will be shutting down by the middle of the year, with the state’s biggest retailer saying it will be the last of its kind in New South Wales.

Key points:Alpine air conditioner supplier Air Conditioning NSW will close by end of yearThe state’s largest retailer will close its doors by the next financial yearAlpine spokesman says the company will continue to sell air conditioning and cooling equipment in the stateThe announcement came after the company announced it would close the business for the year after the end-of-year period due to low demand.

Alpine’s decision comes amid a downturn in business with the Australian Bureau of Statistics predicting a 7 per cent decline in electricity demand in 2021 compared to 2020.

“The company is in the process of closing Alpine and will not be operating in the New South Welsh market, but will be operating at the regional level,” the company said in a statement.

“Due to the ongoing impact of the global economic downturn, Alpine will be closing at the end [of this] financial year.”

Alpine said it planned to offer its customers the option to buy air conditioning equipment online or at a store in the next few months.

“Alpine Air Conditioners will continue as a retail business for now, and we will offer a range of cooling and air conditioning products to customers at our retail stores and online,” it said.

Alpinestars and Lidl already sell air conditioning products in New Zealand, Australia and Europe.

Alpinsestars, LidLotte and P&G both operate in New York.

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