Why air conditioning sickness is so expensive

The air conditioning industry is a $20 trillion business that is worth $15 trillion.

But the price tag is so high because it’s hard to track down and get the proper equipment.

A new report from Air Products International (API) shows how the industry is paying for its mistakes.

The API report is a comprehensive look at air conditioning and cooling in America and the world, and the air conditioning companies have been doing a lot of things wrong for a long time.

It also looks at some of the ways the companies have changed their business model.

The report shows that the industry has been in a bad spot from the start, and that its been doing things the wrong way from the beginning.

In some ways, the companies are in the same business as the airlines that have failed the most in recent history.

The first thing that you have to understand is that it is expensive to buy a good air conditioner.

There are two types: the inexpensive one that costs $50 a year and the expensive one that’s going to cost $300 a year, which is what you get when you go to an air conditioners store.

In fact, the industry’s standard is that you’re going to spend at least $300 on an air conditioning unit.

And that’s based on what’s available.

It’s really a matter of where you live, because you’re living in an area that’s more expensive to get a unit.

The second type is the air condition units that are going to be bought.

They are expensive.

They have a certain price tag.

It depends on the model.

The cheapest air condition unit will cost you $300.

And if you go with an older model that’s $500 a year or so, then you’re looking at about $700 a year.

And it’s really expensive to do that.

So you’re trying to get the air unit that you can afford to spend the money on.

But you’re also looking for people who can get a good, reliable unit and you know, get the right model.

If you go and go to a store that’s just selling $300 units, you’re getting a lot less than the one you’re actually getting.

So the air conditions you buy, you want to have the air in that room to be good, and you want the air to stay in the room for the most part.

That’s where the airconditioner goes in the system.

But it doesn’t always work out that way.

The air condition system isn’t perfect.

And when you have a lot, a lot to deal with, it’s going be a lot more difficult to get quality air in there, even if you can buy the right air conditioning units.

The air condition company is really in the business of figuring out the best way to deal.

They’re trying out new models and different types of air condition systems and that’s where they’re making money.

And the only way to get good quality air is to have it in the right place.

And in the wrong place it’s not good enough, so they’re going for the cheapest option.

So there’s a lot that goes into that.

So if you’re a person who doesn’t like the smell of air, that can be a problem.

But if you have the right type of air conditioning you can have the most comfortable and most comfortable air in the house.

And people will come to the house and they’ll feel comfortable.

And then the air is going to get in there and it’s gonna get cooled.

So that’s when you’ll see a decrease in sickness rates.

But you also have to recognize that you are going in to a house and you’re dealing with a lot at once.

And you’re really not dealing with one room, you have multiple rooms.

So the quality of air is not as good as it would be if you had just one room.

So there’s an element of luck involved in that, too.

The other problem is that there are lots of different kinds of air conditions.

It has to be right for your house, but it also has to get all of your appliances in the proper spot.

It can’t be right on your bed, but you have all of those things in the other room.

So when you get to the end of the house, you realize that there’s not a lot in there.

So you have lots of stuff that’s in the way.

And so the quality will drop.

And so that’s a really big concern.

Because if the air was in the correct spot, then the temperature wouldn’t be so low and the humidity wouldn’t drop as much.

And, therefore, there wouldn’t have to be so much sickness.

So what are we going to do about it?

And that is the key problem.

And one of the best ways to solve that is to find out what the problem is, to figure out what’s causing the sickness.If the

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