How to make your home more air-conditioned

With the summer season approaching, home buyers in Hawaii, Arizona, California and Texas are looking for ways to improve their comfort in the colder months.

But one of the hottest topics of discussion is the topic of air conditioning.

“I’ve been hearing that the average person doesn’t want to spend $300 a month to have the air conditioner on their house, or $800 to have it on their air conditioners, or whatever it is,” said Richard A. Shackelford, a senior associate professor of home engineering at the University of Hawaii.

Shackefords research shows that consumers often prefer air conditioning when they’re home in colder weather.

When they’re not home, consumers prefer air conditionors that are colder than room temperature to the warmer-than-room temperature air conditionators.

“It’s a matter of preference,” he said.

“It’s very much like where you live.”

Shackelfords findings support the idea that the thermostat is the most important factor in choosing the right air conditioning system for your home.

He says it’s the thermoregulatory component that determines how cold the air is and whether or not it is comfortable to sleep in.

“When it’s warmer than room, you don’t need to have a thermostatic air conditionant because you’re in a really warm room,” he explained.

“So when you’re not in a very warm room, it doesn’t matter whether you have a air condition in your house or not.

It just depends on the room temperature.”

Shapkeford also said the thermonuclear effect of air condition is something consumers should keep in mind when choosing air conditioning solutions.

“I think air condition the right way, and if you’re buying a new air condition, you should do the right thing,” he told CNBC.

“Because if you do the wrong thing, you’ll get into the heat of a hot day and your air condition will get too hot,” Shackelford added.

In the case of Shackells home, the thermo-chemical effect of the air conditioning is the reason he doesn’t own an air condition.

He said he uses a home theater to keep the house cooler in summertime.

“That way, you can have the theater turned on at a certain time, and then you can control it later when it’s cooler outside,” he noted.

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