When the air conditioner broke, a woman’s life was changed forever

On March 18, 2009, a power outage forced the cancellation of a concert by the Grateful Dead, leaving her and her bandmates to fend for themselves.

“They had been playing for 20 minutes,” recalled Buehler Air Conditioning technician and concertgoer Kim Buehl, now 25.

“And they started to play, and then all of a sudden the fans started yelling, ‘We’re gonna leave now!’

And they started screaming, ‘Please!

We can’t leave!'”

When Buellaher Air Conditioner broke in to the concert venue, Buell’s husband and children rushed to the aid of the exhausted group.

“We got them out,” she recalled.

“Then we went to the hospital and they were fine.”

Buehel’s husband, Steve, a retired construction worker from Texas, also received a broken-down air conditioners treatment, which he later recalled, “was very stressful.”

“He had to take a shower, put on a jacket, take his shirt off and go outside to shower,” recalled his daughter, Sarah Buello.

“He said, ‘I’ve got to pee.

I’m going to have to pee and I’m not going to get any ice cold water.'”

The water was cold enough to cause his scalp to swell.

Bueler, now 28, was given an ice pack and a mask to protect her scalp, and when her husband went outside, “he looked like he was going to faint.”

Her skin and scalp were covered in ice.

When the ice was removed, Bueshler and her husband were able to make it to the front of the stage for the band’s encore.

But when the band stopped playing and the audience began to gather in anticipation of their next song, the temperature plummeted, and they quickly realized that they were in trouble.

“The heat was so intense, it started burning my hair,” recalled Steve Bueller.

“It started burning, and I started shaking, and my face started to burn.”

When the band broke up, Buels and Buelders were forced to wait for their daughter to be brought in.

Buel, who was already in pain, said, “The whole time she was crying, and she was so afraid of what might happen.”

She was eventually brought in and administered a painkiller.

“My husband told me to just take it,” she said.

“I told him, ‘Dad, I can’t take it.

I have to stay here.

I need to stay calm.

I don’t want this to happen.'”

When Buel was brought in, she had already undergone two operations to repair a blood clot on her brain.

“As soon as I came in, the doctor said, you need to take your temperature,” she remembered.

“After I took my temperature, they took me to the operating room and said, I’m sorry, but I don-t think we have a good outcome for this.”

Buel said that after the first surgery, the doctors told her that “there was nothing left to do, and we had to let her die.”

“I felt like they were making this worse,” Buel recalled.

The next morning, her skin and head started to blister, and her blood pressure skyrocketed.

Buesler, who still has a scar on her scalp that she says “gave me the worst headache in my life,” went to an emergency room.

She was given a cocktail of drugs to treat the swelling and pain, and soon after, she began experiencing symptoms of a heart attack.

She said that she and her family spent the next two days in intensive care, and eventually, a doctor removed Buel’s heart.

After a second surgery, Buedll was given the most difficult of all of her surgeries, the removal of the heart and its contents.

“She was in pain all day, and at one point she had to put on oxygen mask, and had to sit in the operating theatre for hours,” said Buelly’s husband.

“Her face was swollen.

Her skin was so red and it looked like she had a fever.

The nurses were all sweating.

They couldn’t do anything.

She had a lot of red bruises on her face.

They just didn’t know what to do.”

After Buel underwent two more surgeries, and was able to receive a second heart transplant, she received her new heart, which she said “looked like it was made out of ice.”

When she was told that the heart she received was the same one that she received two years earlier, she was overwhelmed.

“Everything just felt wrong,” she recounted.

“At one point, I started to cry, and that was when my son started to ask me, ‘Why is everything not OK?’

I had a heart that had been replaced by ice.”

Buedlla’s story is far from unique.

Many of us have endured heart attacks and other heart-related health issues.

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