How to fix polaris air conditioner

The owner of a polaris unit is demanding compensation for the air conditioners faulty condition, and the owner of the unit that is damaged is asking the courts to stop the lawsuit.

The court in Belfast has heard the owners of a PCCE unit are asking the High Court to stop proceedings against them over the faulty air condition units that caused them to be destroyed.PCCE owner Stephen Jones and a man who operates his unit are both facing two counts of causing damage by way of damage to a building, namely:The owner of one of the PCCEs was not home when the air conditioning unit broke down and has not been able to get any replacement.

Jones is also demanding damages of around €6,500 ($7,000) for the damage to the airconditioner and €4,500 for the cost of repair.

Jones was at his home in the area of Parnell Avenue and South Strand Road on August 22, 2016.

He and his son were home from a work trip when the unit broke, according to a report in the Belfast Telegraph.

Policeman Simon Brown was called to the scene after the incident and found the two men arguing in the car park of the building where the air-conditioner was damaged.

Brown reported that Jones had a blood alcohol level of 0.12 percent and was in possession of a cannabis plant and an open container of alcohol.

He was later released on bail pending further investigation.

In court on Wednesday, the owners and occupants of the other PCCe were asked to attend a hearing in which they would be represented by barrister Peter Murphy.

The owners and owners of the polaris units were both charged by the police for failing to provide a satisfactory replacement.

They were ordered to pay costs and court costs, while the owner and occupant of the air conditioned unit had been charged with two counts each of causing injury by way-of-damage and causing damage to buildings.

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