How to save money on air conditioning

It is difficult to believe that the cost of air conditioning in the country’s biggest city is now about $200 a year.

But it can be done. 

A good deal of the cost comes from the electricity bill. 

In the past few years, consumers have been paying more for air conditioning. 

But in Hawaii, the cost is even more expensive. 

Electricity bills have risen from $1,500 a year in the early 2000s to more than $2,000 today, according to Hawaii Public Utilities Commission figures. 

What can you do? 

To save money, keep an eye on bills and make sure you’re getting the correct amount. 

“If you’re not paying attention, you could be putting a lot of stress on yourself because you’re paying $2 a month for electricity,” said Sharon Mote, a public utility consultant who works with businesses. 

She said that if you are, it’s best to check with your utility. 

Mote said that many of the companies that do provide air conditioning will offer discounts. 

If you are not paying for air conditioners, there are several options that can help save you money. 

Air conditioning is a great way to reduce your electricity bill, Mote said. 

You can take advantage of the energy-saving tips below. 

Avoid paying for a home heating bill.

Many utilities charge you a fee to heat your home.

This charge can add up and you could end up paying more than you are entitled to. 

Be sure to check if your heating bills are due and you have enough money.

It’s best if you don’t check your bills frequently because you could save yourself money.

Mote recommends contacting your utility and making sure you get the correct energy bill.

It can be a good idea to check your bill twice a year to make sure it’s correct. 

Pay for your home’s air conditioner instead of your gas or electric bill.

The Hawaiian Gas Association recommends using the home heating account to keep your bills under control. 

It’s also a good thing to get a utility bill to check that your bill is accurate and that your bills are getting paid on time.

If you don, then your utility may be able to negotiate a lower bill.

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