Waikiki Air Conditioning is being tested after a water spill

Honolulu City Councilman John Burton says he’s concerned the water leaking into the Waikikihi River has caused problems with air conditioning and cooling.

The councilman’s concerns are backed up by an email sent out to customers Wednesday night by the city.

“The city is looking into the leak from the air conditioning system and air conditioning systems at the two air conditioners at the main intersection of Kakaako and Waikihiki,” the email said.

“If you have air conditioning problems and want to know when the system is tested please send us an email and we will check the system.”

The email also included a message from the city to residents, which read, “We are aware of an air conditioning leak at the intersection of Waikimiko Avenue and Kakaakea Avenue.

We are working closely with our water department to determine if there is an issue with the system or if it could be a potential leak.”

The city has been testing the water in an effort to determine the extent of the problem, Burton said.

Residents were notified on Thursday and can request an appointment to view a test report, but it wasn’t immediately clear how many were in need of an appointment.

The leak is the latest in a string of leaks at the city’s air conditioning complex in recent weeks.

Last month, a water main broke near the city and shut down the citywide cooling system.

In May, city officials said they were considering closing the system altogether.

This week, the city said a water line on the city water main was leaking and it could cost about $3,000 to fix.

Earlier this month, the Honolulu City Utilities Department said a valve that controls water pressure on the water main at the airport was leaking.

The valve was removed on Thursday.

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