Air conditioning lines could be built at China’s main coal mines as part of plans to reduce emissions

The country’s coal mines, the country’s largest, are the source of the countrys biggest air pollution problem.

China has been developing a range of air conditioning lines to cool air and heat buildings.

The lines are built at coal mines that can be accessed by the public or private sector, and are part of the government’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce reliance on coal. 

However, a number of problems have emerged in China’s coal mining and cooling systems, and the government is now looking to develop solutions to these problems. 

The countrys main coal mining facilities have been the main sources of air pollution for years, and now, the government wants to see ways to better cool the mines, according to a report published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature Climate Change. 

“We are also developing more efficient and less polluting air cooling systems that would help reduce the countryas primary air pollution source,” the report said.

“The mining sector has been one of the biggest sources of climate change in recent years.

We have a very high risk of climate-related disasters.

This means that there is an urgent need to develop more efficient, more environmentally friendly and cost-effective air cooling technologies.” 

China has plans to build at least 15 million air conditioning units at its mining sites, with an eye to expanding the number of such units in the coming years.

The project will see the mining companies use solar panels to generate electricity, and use liquid waste for cooling, instead of coal.

The mining companies hope to have air conditioning stations in operation by 2030.

The report said that while the mining industry has been in a state of flux, there is a lot of progress to be made, and that China will need to take the next step to make its coal mining operations more sustainable and efficient. 

In its report, the Nature Climate Changing journal said that the Chinese government will have to address some of these issues in order to help the country meet its environmental and social responsibility obligations.

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