When the world dies, the internet goes down

The internet will probably go down sometime on March 15th, 2019, as the US government is due to start testing a new generation of supercomputers in anticipation of a “peak” of computing power. 

But in the meantime, if you’re a bit lazy and don’t have a computer, there’s always the possibility of watching a movie.

The Internet Archive is hosting the most-watched movie ever made in March, and the title was given to Polk Air Conditioning, a film by the makers of The World Is Not Enough, a documentary about the collapse of the Soviet Union and the creation of the internet. 

The movie features a cast of mostly famous actors playing people from the early days of the web, but one that was not so well-known was the late Steve Jobs. 

For the movie, the film’s creators used footage from the Steve Jobs Archive, a collection of Jobs’ interviews. 

In the footage, Jobs is asked about his role in the collapse, and how he would have handled things differently. 

“It’s hard to imagine that, when the internet was coming into being, that any of these people were going to be doing anything but trying to help build it,” Jobs told interviewer Steve Kroft. 

Jobs has died, but not before the film got a wide audience, making it one of the most watched films ever made. 

One of the best bits of the movie is when Jobs says “I did it because I love it” in reference to the internet’s ability to connect people.

“And that’s a sentiment that will be echoed in the future, when we’ve all been in the internet for years,” the film says. 

There are other great parts of the film as well, including Jobs’ final message to people who worked for him, and the moment when he tells the film crew, “If you have to ask someone to do something, you better be able to do it right.” 

“I love it when people are just like, ‘Steve, we’ve got to do this,'” Jobs said. 

Despite the documentary’s wide audience and accolades, it has also drawn criticism from some quarters.

“There is a lot of resentment, a lot,” Michael Oreskes, who has written a book about Jobs called The Great Disruption, told Wired in March.

“There are lots of people who say that the film is a great example of a brilliant marketing campaign that fails to communicate its message.” 

Jabs, who died in 2014 at the age of 76, is remembered in the film for being one of history’s most innovative and visionary minds.

 “Steve was the person who was going to make this world go away,” Jobs said in the movie. 

What do you think?

Is the film worth watching?

Let us know in the comments below.

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