How to build a custom air conditioner in a closet

The last time I did an air conditioning article, I built one of my own.

The reason I chose a custom unit was because I had a friend that did the same job, and we both had our own air conditioners. 

The problem with a custom-built air conditioning unit is that the unit is the size of a suitcase.

You can’t just put one in a box. 

I figured I could just use the same old air condition-only units and build a new one.

I used a $1,000 box, but that was it.

The biggest challenge of building an air condition unit was figuring out how to put all the components in the same room.

I had a drawer full of spare parts to work with, but I also had a box full of air condition units.

Each unit had a few different things I needed to fit into it.

For starters, I had to figure out how much of the unit would need to be installed into the closet.

This was the biggest challenge I faced.

There are many different air condition system types out there, so I needed the right components for each type. 

When I went to Amazon, I found a list of all the different types of air conditioning units, and they all cost around $300.

Then I decided I needed an air system that could run 24/7.

I needed a custom controller to turn on and off the unit. 

Here’s how I built a custom system.

The video below shows what I ended up building. 

It’s not as fancy as I would have liked, but it worked. 

After making my own controller, I figured I’d add it to my list of things to buy.

I figured this would be a great place to put my controllers. 

For starters, you can buy a custom enclosure that includes a fan.

It has to be custom, too, because there is no fan on the other side.

I also needed to buy a battery.

After buying a custom battery, you’ll need a lot of parts.

The controllers need to go in a drawer.

I had two drawer boxes that I could fit a controller into.

The boxes also had shelves for the controllers and batteries.

The battery shelf had a rubberized floor to help the controllers slide into. 

There was a drawer on the shelf that had a shelf for the batteries.

Once I had everything I needed, I got to work.

I cut a couple of boxes and cut out a drawer for each controller.

I filled each drawer with boxes of controllers, controllers with batteries, and a battery shelf.

Here’s what the cabinets look like after I filled them with boxes. 

Once everything was all lined up, I laid out the controller boxes on the shelves and put them in the cabinet.

The controller cabinets had shelves and dividers for each drawer. 

My controller cabinets were then placed in the top of the drawer boxes.

The shelves had shelves that went under the controllers.

The dividers were on the inside of the cabinets. 

Finally, I used duct tape to keep everything organized.

The cabinet was then put into the box and sealed with duct tape. 

In my next video, I’ll show you how I did it, and you can see how I used my box of controllers to build my own custom air conditioning unit.

Thanks for reading!

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